Press Release (Eng): EETENKI Kickstarter “ReAwakened”

Keisuke Wada and Yuhei Ishihara, members of the indie board game studio called Accent Circonflèxe, are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter as the first step in selling their original board game, “EETENKI” worldwide.

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“EETENKI” is a very unique board game with the system that incorporates tactical and strategic aspects, although the main theme is betting.

The time period is ancient Japan, the Yayoi period. The player will take on the role of a priestess (Miko) king who leads a small kingdom and is responsible for predicting the weather and making the country more prosperous.

This game is a new version of EETENKI, the previous model was sold at the Spring 2019 Game Market in Tokyo in a limited edition of 25 sets and sold out in 8 minutes of the doors opening.

We are an indie game developer and we only have a hand-made prototype of this game yet. We are hoping to raise money to order a production version of the game from the factory as the first step in selling EETENKI to the world. We would like to ask for your help.


About the re-launch of the Kickstarter project

We already ran a Kickstarter project for the game for 30 days starting September 3, 2020, but at the time the pledge price was too high due to the costing of the game, which was based on the assumption that the game would be produced in small quantities in a domestic printing plant. This was the main reason for the failure of the project.

However, the game itself has received a high evaluation from test players both inside and outside of Japan, and we have received a lot of positive feedback during the project, such as “We’d love to support you when you launch the project again”. Therefore, this time we have switched to ordering from overseas factories that are cheaper to produce than those in Japan, and we have prepared a pledge plan that is much lower in price than the previous one. We also conducted a series of test plays with domestic and international board gamers, and made minor modifications to the game’s specifications based on their feedback.

We hope that you will keep an eye out for our upcoming release of EETENKI.



詠天記 / EETENKI – The Queen Himiko Chronicles –

Tactical betting game based on ancient Japanese divination

Number of players
2 ~ 4

45 ~ 90 mins

Price (It may change)
Standard Edition 5,280 yen + taxes and tariffs
*We offer multiple plans.

Kickstarter schedule
November 10, 2020 at 24:00 Japan time (30 days)

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What is EETENKI?

EETENKI is a fictional story based on the history of Himiko, the Queen of ancient Japan.

Each player plays as the maiden (Miko) king of a small kingdom she leads, trying to survive a world of civil war that has lasted for decades, and to become the united king of Japan.

In order to show the prestige all over the country, Miko have to enrich the country by predicting the changing weather conditions, directing the rice farming, and performing divination and rituals precisely. They would also have to take risks and sail to China to conduct trade.

Which of these Mikos will go down in history as “Himiko”?

A ring moat village in Yayoi period.



“The game play was a wonderful surprise. I laughed so much. Even though the rules in the rulebook look complicated, once you know the gist it’s actually really easy to play. Plus trying to predict how the weather turns out or trying to outwit your opponent by not letting on about what weather cards are coming up is a lot of fun. You still need to be strategic in this game. I actually loved the game. I played the prototype version, and can’t wait for the cool art. I want to get a copy of this game. ” -Miss Merc-

Her BGG review: EETENKI – divine and manipulate the weather to become Queen Himiko

“I really enjoy Eetenki. It’s original. It’s fun. There is luck, yes, but you can also use deduction to help divine the weather from watching your opponents and using your Foresight Dream actions which helps mitigate the luck factor.

While the game is primarily tactical there is still some room for strategy.

Eetenki also has that delightful push your luck element as well, as you hope your divinations come true. This can provide some wonderful come from behind wins like a game where one player who had lost all their crops and had nothing but came back to claim the most valuable artifact.

I really liked trying to balance my divination actions between getting information or resources, it provided nice tough choices to make. For jaded gamers like myself it is the kind of game that rekindles the excitement of the hobby. Eetenki a great light to mid weight game that deserves a spot on the shelf. ” -EGG Head-

from her BGG review: Preview of Eetenki: The Queen Himiko Chronicles

“The game was really interesting.  There were a lot of things to do that you could plan for. Those that want to play more strategically can.  Those that want to push more of their luck can do so also.  It can suit more than 1 type of gamer. ”  -English-speaking playtester-

“This game was awesome! It was fun to predict the weather and check the other player’s facial expressions to see what their strategy was. The game is different every time depending on the player’s strategy, so it was exciting every time. To bet or not to bet, it’s up to you! It’s a game where humanity shows up. ” -Japanese-speaking playtester-


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